The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership is a group of sixteen leading cancer organizations in the US who have joined together to build and strengthen comprehensive cancer control (CCC) efforts across the nation.


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CDC is looking for highly-qualified individuals to join a team working to reduce the nation’s cancer burden by providing programmatic, scientific, and financial assistance to comprehensive cancer control programs in States, Tribes, Territories, and U.S. Jurisdictions. This team provides quality technical assistance (TA) and timely and relevant training and communication to grantees, partners, and CDC colleagues; promotes diverse partnerships that efficiently and effectively implement comprehensive approaches to cancer control; conducts and promotes research to support comprehensive cancer control and the utilization of evidence-based practices to reduce the cancer burden; promotes evaluation practice that facilitates program development and describes the impacts/outcomes of CCC; and provides an environment and the resources necessary to deliver effective public health services with a high level of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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